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Ar. Paulo and Ar. Janina, Founded in 2015


why 2020?

2020 Architecture + Design is founded on the belief that a vision with good design intention creates a perfect interpretation of a better world through proactive solution. Our team is driven by the following core values, each with great contribution on what we stand for.

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Core Values




as a team of solutionists, we think ahead and incorporate better ways to create, operate, solve and serve.

as user-oriented designers, we are consistent in giving the best results to our clients; from preliminary sketches up to the post construction process, by ensuring that our team is also in its best condition to perform the tasks.

as open-minded individuals, we make it a habit of being a listener and establish effective two-way interactions with our clients.


as a group of professionals, we always bring a high level of integrity to our works on behalf of our clients and our dedication as a company.

Common Sense

as experienced individuals, we always give sound and prudent judgment on practical matters, giving our clients a simpler yet effective design solutions.


The 2020

As architecture is a means to enhance human living, it is described by our founders - Ar. Paulo Panlaqui and Ar. Janina Punzalan as an essential to everyone’s lifestyle. They firmly believe that to attain a clear visual of what the client needs, every step is carefully planned to make the building process well-executed. 


Throughout its journey, 2020 A+D gained a wide range of background and experience in the field of architectural design, visualization, and construction – honing the company’s versatility in its craft.


Our mission is to create valuable and inspiring architecture that is more than just aesthetics. 2020’s design approach is aiming to be in full harmony with history, culture and integration of natural environment through the use of current-technology innovations. Our higher mission is to participate in the shaping the future of the world by creating sustainable and livable communities and structures by our own unique style of architecture.



In the future years, 2020 Architecture + Design aims to be one of the leading design and build firm, both local and international. As such, we proactively assure quality work by establishing proper communication and efficiency – ensuring professionalism with practicality to our clients.



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