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Paulo & Janina

Architecture is more than just a profession and a college degree. Dedicated to enhance human living, it is described by our founders as an essential to everyone’s lifestyle. Their goal is to attain a clear visual of what the client plans to have. Every step is carefully planned to make the building process well-executed.

With the firm’s Design-Build strategy, projects yield expedited timelines which results into cost-efficient project completion. Moreover, this reduces the chances of miscommunication between planning, designing, and construction—nothing is compromised.

Design in collaboration with construction is a sensible route for you to go for.




Alexander Bryan,
Hyphen8tion Studios


Paulo was great to work with! It was my first time working with 3D renderings and he made it an easy and enjoyable process. He was on time and very helpful with all of the edits that we needed to make.

Levant Obiule


Paulo and his team are amazing! Their quality of work and communication is top notch and Paulo is a joy to work with. We have finished our initial project and are excited to continue immediately working with them on additional projects!

Nader A


Excellent job and great communication. he was very patient and willing to make all the changes necessary to get the best outcome. I look forward to working with Paulo again. thank you!

Darren Morgans, Property Groups Ltd.


Paulo is very familiar with the requirements of international marketing & standards for production quality. He has become an integral part of our design team and I highly recommend his intuitive skills. He routinely delivers his work within impressive time-frames and requires minimal guidance.

Syed Swachcha ,
CEO of Valven Homes


This was my first experience with paulo but undoubtedly hiring him for my entire project's work was a great choice. He got a very well skilled team and every time they successfully delivered my exact expectation. Paulo's designing taste is very matured and he thrives to do better every time. With prompt delivery, he provided generous revision to implement my actual thoughts among the designs. On behalf of my company, we have decided to work with him on our upcoming projects. I can surely recommend him to anyone who is simply looking for something best. I wish Paulo and his team every success in the future.

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