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Auring Apartment




San Fernando, Pampanga



Design Team

Design, Build

Homes need not to be grandeur for it to become comfortable. Sometimes, a functional & well-planned compact space that will surely meet the needs of its end-users is far better.

In the course of this day and age, family dwellings such as apartments are often considered to be great opportunities for long-term investments. It is a comprehensive abode where you can create unforgettable household memories and have a priceless collection of stories-to-tell.

The Auring Apartment is one of our completed design and build projects for the year 2021. It is a bungalow duplex apartment situated at Sindalan, Pampanga.

As designers, we are tasked to provide this type of quality-living that is suitable to the general public, thus achieving excellence in bare minimum. The challenge was to create a design for the apartment with considerations of the existing neighboring structure, whilst providing a unique imprint from 2020 A + D.

Our design was simple. We used PVC panel for the ceiling and ledgestone moroccan as the accent material for the exterior look. We also made the ceiling high to give the structure a spacious and more relaxing feel. In addition, we added wood material for the ceiling and overhead windows to allow passage for natural sunlight, without the need of opening the windows. Overall, the design has a natural look while maintaining its elegance and simplicity.

Color is more than just a decoration, a trend, or an impulsive choice. It’s an emotion builder, feeling transmitter, and an energy evoker. In this project, brown is used to recall the material of earth. Partnered with off-white color, it basically sets the mood of the home whilst showing clarity, cleanliness, and simplicity, to create a comfortable space filled with memories of the family dwelling in it.



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