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Manila Bay Public Restrooms




Manila Baywalk, Metro Manila




Design, Build

Providing convenience to one of the Philippine's most contentious places in 2020 - through Architecture + Design, in collaboration with DENR and J.D.P Construction and Trading.

It has always been a dilemma for the inhabitants of Manila, specifically tourists, to find a comfortable, hygienic & safe place where they can relieve themselves. These factors contribute a huge impact on ensuring the users' privacy and overall experience of the place. Therefore, we at 2020 A + D came up with a solution of designing a facility suitable for general public use, in accordance with the government's standards. It caters all genders, even the LGBT community by providing a restroom of their own. 

The Public Restroom is designed to coexist with Manila Bay, by using materials that are not susceptible to corrosion. Aerodynamics was also taken into consideration to give the form of the structure a proper airflow, given that the site location is beside the bay.



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